From now till Christmas eve!

The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is now open! We've had a great first four opening days... Good music, great sales and very good attendance. The Palmer Auditorium, our one-time-only venue is just perfect for us... big but not cold, clean but not sterile, and expansive without being intimidating. There are great food trailers across the street and we can go outside for fresh air and sunlight and be out on a beautiful plaza. You can find me in Booth T-1 behind the stage.  I'm a little sleep deprived but that's no surprise.

 Here are a few shots from yesterday... 

My friend and superfan Dale hysterical with his new piece
"The day my therapist went 'Tilt'".

 Me and John trying to come up with a suitable explanation for Mrs. John about this purchase...
 Ian Maclagan (looking strangely like Dam Judi Dench) and The Bump Band
 Erin from Security amazed that she got away with going backstage to tell the guys in the previous picture to shut up because whatever they were fighting about was drowning out the house music.
... and Sunset from the loading dock.

So far, so good...


  1. Glad Tidings! and to hear it is going well. Making happy yourself. Everyone else can take care of themselves.

    Would love to hear your top five from this year.

    In my dreams, we can walk to each others house.

  2. I'm both sad and glad that your Green Man has found a home. Sad because he's not mine, and glad because it's money in your pocket. I hope the recipient takes extra good care of him!


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