What do you call a group of sculptures... a school? Today was a day of  laying groundwork for a school of sculptures. I've got eight in the works this week. I was doing sketches and bending wire all day, with a break to run to the mall and by another half ton of Sculpey. Tomorrow I'll be roughing out the clay on the armatures here and then, as the week goes on , I'll be moving between finishing them off and working on about a dozen wall pieces. I'll get them all done and ready to ship out after thanksgiving. That'll give them two weeks to get down to Austin in plenty of time for the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar... I'll post more shots of these guys tomorrow.

In the meantime... here's the Sea King 2.0!

He's a revision of a piece I did earlier this summer. Originally, he was attached to a big hammered copper thingy. Luckily, the piece fell and he popped off and shattered. When I gathered the fragments up, I realized I liked him better the way he was. I ditched the copper, reinforced his "hair", rebuilt the shapes that make up his face and then painted him with my polymer/acrylic concoction. Much better!

Sea King 2.0 available here


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