Harmonic Convergence

Today Seattle was kind of shut down. What other cities would call a light snowfall, Seattle is referring to as "Snowmageddon". I would have thought Northwesterners were made of sterner stuff. Guess not!

(Hmmm... Blogger isn't letting me put up any pictures tonight... Imagine a picture of my cat looking out my window at the snow...)  
Ooh...your imagination is very strong today!

I don't mind snow. I love winter... as long as it's on the other side of double-paned glass. It just blows my mind to live in a place where people turn into driving school dropouts at the first sign of a flurry.

So I stayed home, fueled my self with a homemade roast garlic pizza and attacked the "to do" list in the studio!

(now imagine a picture of those armatures, but now two of the pieces are done!)

And here's a wall piece that I finished!

(imagine a cool wall piece with a sun and a moon together surrounded by singing planets)
that's the idea!

Harmonic Convergence is available here


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