I Juggle Cats For A Living

I'm trying to get my work bench cleared off but every time I make an empty space, Burt the Wonder Cat decides that it may be the perfect space for a nap... or a nice place from which to offer moral support... or maybe that space shouldn't be empty so he knocks over a jar of beads there to give us both something to play with. Then when i go back to sit down in my desk chair, I find Harley the Feline Fury there keeping it warm for me. That must be what she's doing, because there's certainly no room for both of us in the chair.  Sigh...This is going to take longer than I thought.

I Juggle Cats For a Living


  1. Kari says:"I really, really want this!!!!" Hmmm...there may be opportunity for bribing her into some heinous household chores...


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