This Only Happens In The Movies...

I love movies. I love a good story. I love  powerful images. I love being fooled by a clever technique and an elegant effect. I love characters that know who they are and act accordingly. I love characters that figure out it's time to change and do. I love to be surprised. I love to be touched. I love to get to the end of an improbable fable and still be able to say "Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice?". I love a guy in a rubber suit... well, most of the time... (Godzilla... yes,  Joel Schumacher's version of Batman? No). I love gunslingers and swashbucklers and classic monsters. I love slapstick and stop motion and gangsters and hardboiled private eyes. I love Billy Wilder and Howard Hawks and Busby Berkley. 
I love Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff and Buster Keaton. I love Tom Hanks dancing at FAO Schwartz and Antonio Banderas dancing on top of a bar with a guitar that fires like a shotgun. I love Roddy McDowell, Kim Hunter, and Charlton Heston. I love Atticus Finch, Dexter Haven, and Lily Von Schtupp. I love Katherine Hepburn. I love Audrey Hepburn. I love Audrey the talking plant in Little Shop of Horrors (the first one, the cheap one). I love the way John Travolta gets to dance in every movie, even if it's a bad one. I love doves in slow motion and lions in winter. I love George Clooney. You got a problem with that? I love Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and Linda Hunt in Silverado. I love almost everything in Silverado. I love that Clint Eastwood keeps doing the last thing you'd expect him to do. I love vampires that know not to sparkle and werewolves that howl because they're lonely. I love the way Doctor Lecter strolls to his dinner date. I love the way the watch that  Holly gets at the beginning of Die Hard is the thing that saves her life at the end. I love directors who know when a film is done and leave it alone. I love sitting all the way through the credits every time. I love movies.

I should probably make one.

"This Only Happens At The Movies" is available here.


  1. Ain't love grand....

  2. Yep. I have video equiipment that is gathering dust. Lets use it for starters.

  3. Silverado. Yes! One of Kevin Costner's best and most physical roles.


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