Sometimes The System Works

So... some days I'm in my art studio, Some days, like today, I'm in a rehearsal studio. I've taken a job with Open Door Theatre, a touring group that performs in classrooms and teaches children about asking for help, learning to say "No",  setting boundaries... the personal safety tools that you would think would be common knowledge by now. But, unfortunately, they're not.

There are four of us on the tour, with two understudies. I think we're going to be a good ensemble. There's great energy and good communication there between us. Lots of laughter in the process, which I think will be necessary to do this job. In the span of a twenty minute play, I go from  playing a narrator to a playground bully, then a child abuser and finally the person the abused kid gets to listen to her. Today I did the very brief scene where the girl tells her uncle what's been happening to her and he has to show her that there is an adult who will listen to her and believe her and help her. I looked at the director and said "I don't know how I'm going to do this scene without crying every time".

One of the actors said "Oh, go ahead. The kids will love it!"

The pin above, "Sometimes The System Works" is available here.


  1. You are doing good. (It sounds like poor sentence structure - but you know what I mean)


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