Okay, so to make a long story short... my stepfather, Bob Kelly, lived in Naples, Florida. There he had a wonderful girlfriend named Phyllis. Phyllis has a daughter named Carri and Carri has a daughter named Erica. For most of Erica's life, Bob was the most stable male figure around. Helping with school projects, watching her in plays, taking her to lunch, just generally being there, acting pretty much like a grandfather... except he wasn't. Sort of like the way he was to me, like a father... but not exactly. So what is Erica to me? My stepfather's stepgranddaughter? My little sister one floor downstairs? I don't know either! But she's sweet and talented and doing plays and making music and I'm really proud of her.

Here's a video of her...


  1. What a great video!

    How about step-step-niece? Oh wait, that sounds a little too much like duck-duck-goose!

  2. Bob is cheering from heaven.
    I can hear him.
    Proud as hell, he is.


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