Someone is messin' wif my head!

Another busy day after another busy day. Yesterday, I finished the week with the Stage Combat Kids (they fought like tiny little Klingons... it was glorious!) and last night, I sat with the "Family" and rebuilt a major piece of "Meet the Biscottis". Get your tickets now...
Today, I head down to Quantum to help move some very good friends up a notch in their training. Brook "the big guy" hatch will be doing his "Drunken Master" routine on me in order to prevent me from applying my "4 Ft. Vertical Leap of Death" on him! Then it's off to visit the Theatre Simpletons at their annual Oyster BBQ FUNdraiser at Jefferson Park and then perhaps a Guinness with Brook and Ed Eibel. Tomorrow, up for a 10am rehearsal in Renton and then a 3:30 call on the Mystery Cruise on Lake Washington!

"Someone is messin' wif my head" is available in my etsy store.


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