Not... Done... Yet!

This is a Big, Crazy Week! 

 No, really... it is. We've been rebuilding "Meet The Biscottis", the musical I wrote the book and lyrics for and tonight we open! The show is  bigger and funnier and tighter and stronger than it's ever been. we're in a new space that is very supportive of us and we're planning on partnering with them to do shows through the holiday season. It looks like tonight we'll have a very healthy crowd and reason to celebrate afterwards.

We rehearsed for half of Sunday, then ran off to Lake Washington and did a unbelievably silly mystery show for Events on The Edge on the Royal Argosy Cruise. 

On Wednesday, I met with the staff of Open Door Theatre, a group that tours elementary schools and teaches kids that it's okay to set personal boundaries andthat it's also okay to ask for help when those boundaries have been violated and how to do it. This, for want of a better word, is going to be my "day job", a way to supplement this whole art thing. Its going to be intense at times. but it's gratifying to know that I can use my skills to help people. As much as I enjoy the service industry... it takes a lot of energy that I'd rather put into creating things... and I think I'll learn some things that can only feed me.

I also put some time in on "I Love Death", a screenplay by Travis Stearner that we'll be reading at A Contemporary Theatre on Monday night. It''s a very funny short piece about what happens to the balance of things when Death falls in love with someone whose name is on "the list". I get to work with a couple of my favorite actors in the world on this one.

I plan on sleeping in tomorrow... and I'll post more stories and artwork over the next couple of days.

"Can We Slow Down A Little?" is available in my Etsy Store.


  1. My sweet baboo. You work so hard - and now, truly, all your work is for good. None for evil. Doctor Evil can suck it. Love you.


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