My Kid Is Smarter Than Yours

This is Anwar...

I've been watching him grow up since he was 10 years old. Back then he wasn't as big as I was, but he was close! Now I think he has a whole foot in height and easily one Delaney in weight on me. What you're seeing is the moment he touched down after throwing a perfect tornado kick while presenting  one of his forms in his recent test. For those who don't know what that looks like, stand with your right foot forward. Now turn your head all the way to your left until your eyes are facing front again. You should be twisted up by now. When you feel like a spring that needs to release or explode, throw your left knee up in the air as high as you can get it and let your body unwind in mid-air. You'll find your right leg wants to follow. Straighten it out, point your heel toward the ceiling and try to bring your right foot across your field of vision like you're slapping somebody in the face with it. Touch down with your left foot and let your right leg whip across your body. Catch your balance and step forward with your right foot back into your starting position.

Pretty cool, huh?

Those to people holding their breath off to the right are his parents. He did them, and all of us very proud that day.

This one's for them...

"My Kid Is Smarter Than Yours" is available here


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