It could have been worse, it could have been a motorized barstool!

I'm back! It has been an intensely busy few  weeks (emphasis on the "intense" here). I have a million things that i want to write about at this moment. I want to talk about how i just spent a wonderful week teaching a dozen hilarious kids to slap the crap out of each other and no one got hurt. I want to talk about how weird the artfairs have been around here this past month.  I'd love to show you some of the new work i have stocked up after all those fairs. I should really thank all the folks who were patient while I got caught up and got their orders shipped out. I have  to fill you in on the return of the Biscotti Family to the Northwest next weekend. You also need to know about the staged reading of "I Love Death" at ACT on the 16th. I so want to talk about how strange it is to be running so hard and engaged so fully and still feel so out of touch with the people I care about. And I still need to tell the story of going to Florida with my brother and sister to say good bye to one of our two fathers and how perfectly wonderful and awful that was all at once.

But not today...

Because today I have to share my own personal "Jerry Springer " moment...

But first... Who doesn't like beer? I don't see anyone out there raising their hands very high, do I? We all like beer. It's one of the things that has prevented a second civil war, I think. And what beer do people like the most?


I know... there is no accounting for taste, is there? But the numbers don't lie. It is the most popular beer on earth. People love it.

Some people love it more than others...

People like my friend... well, not really a friend... but sort of a relative... but not exactly a relative, but almost. She's the significant other of my dear Aunt whose name rhymes with  "Bill". Well, Aunt "Bill's" girlfriend, let's just say her name rhymes with "Chalice" has been down in South Jersey housesitting for my niece, "Fracey" while "Fracey" is out here taking care of her mom, "Sherrilyn".

Okay, my lawyer says my butt is covered, so...

"Chalice" likes Budweiser. A lot. Usually by the case. Hey, it's Jersey... it's cheap there... just like life.
"Chalice" likes Budweiser so much that "Fracey" was concerned she might appropriate "Fracey's" car to go on a beer run after she had had a few too many to drive safely. So "Fracey" called her neighbor and asked him to swing by and disconnect something or other and immobilize the car. Problem solved, right?



"Chalice" managed to go on a beer run anyway.

And she got a DUI...

on the riding mower.

If my head wasn't spinning before... it certainly is now!

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  1. Famed boozehound/ country singer George Jones gained greater fame by pulling the same stunt in the 1970's.

    Maybe we could put a positive spin on this?

    A testament to the Human Spirit?

    American ingenuity?

    U? S? A?

    It WOULD make a great beer commercial. Except for the DUI part, of course.

    --- Buzzy


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