and a splendid time was had by all!

Yesterday was a full and creative and rewarding day... Up way too early for a Sunday to work the music for "Meet The Biscottis" (opens next Saturday... get your Tickets!, had a great time with Angela, our music director and composer who helped me find new nuance in a song I've been singing for 5 years, then up to Kirkland for an unbelievably, gloriously silly murder mystery  and dinner on the Royal Argosy Cruise boat on Lake Washington, then laughter and drinks at the Beach Cafe with new friends from North Carolina. I don't think we've ever done a show where so many people stayed after the show to ask for pictures with us (or gave us so many hugs and thanks). Spent time with Captain Mike from the Argosy whose funny quotient was only rivaled by a certain bartender who described himself as a "fully licensed massage therapist and manwhore". We stayed outside talking until the sun was down and the moon was high and I piled the ladies from North Carolina into the Capri, took the top down, and blasted across the bridge to give them one last look at the beauty of Seattle.
Days like that make it all worthwhile.

The above pin, "Gargoyle Guy" is available in my Etsy Store.


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