Surf's Up!

Meanwhile, in between artshows, I  squeezed out another commission! My friend Alex Harrington is getting married to the lovely Brandy this weekend. They seem to be doing everything right for their wedding (by which I mean that they are doing everything  just the way they damned well please!).
They have a favorite movie...

It stars these two... lovebirds. why would they have a guy in a penguin suit on top of their cake when they can have the real thing?
Alex's Mom, the amazing and talented Kim Groff-Harrington, commissioned me to create the two leads, Cody and Lani, to sit atop the wedding cake!

I do all sorts of commissions for folks, sometimes original work, but often, images or characters that are already out there in the collective consciousness, superheroes, movie stars, even beloved pets. This piece was an interesting challenge, since the characters are so stylized, but the more I worked with them, the more attached I got to them. Ultimately, I think I did a pretty good job of capturing the feel of them and the movie.

If you would like to commission a special project, please drop me a note at

Next stop... Magnuson Park!


  1. Speaking of superheroes, have you ever done a Promethea?


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