The Show Must Go On

From 2009...

Come see me this weekend at the EDMONDS Arts Festival, just north of Seattle off exit 179 0n I-5. I'll be there all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and so will this guy!).
Check it out...

Sorry for the lack of postings... I'm doing new work for my shows... but one of the casualties of my trip to Florida was my Beloved Sony Cybershot... I must have packed it badly because when I unpacked on my return, the LED screen was shattered making it impossible to focus the poor thing...  So I don't have any new pictures of the cool stuff I've been doing.

I guess you'll just have to come to the show!


  1. Edmonds is such a cool artsy place! A client-rich environment for you, I would think!

  2. If you missed Greg at Edmonds, come see him at LiveARTS Bothell ( NEXT weekend...Saturday and Sunday 10-6 June 26/27.
    Free admission and parking, Cascadia College/UW Bothell campus. We are in year 3 of establishing a new fine arts festival, and are thrilled to have Greg with us.
    Sue Jones, artisans' booths co-director


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