Wake me when I'm smart

Okay... three street fairs in four weeks... I'm pooped! The U-district was great fun this past weekend. I got to see many old friends and supporters and also got to meet some new ones. But, really, working my booth feels like doing stand-up for 10 hours straight. It's totally fun, but it leaves me with a hangover the next day... and I wasn't even drinking.

Luckily, I have a piece that perfectly embodies the way I feel...

"Wake me when I'm smart" is very much old school work for me... when I started, the found components I liked to use were almost always surplus electronics. I didn't know anything about electronics but I knew what I liked. the colors, the spindly, angly connectors, the simple, distinct colors. And the way I could use it all to create miniature cyborgs... all of whom seemed to seem to want a new job.

Wake me when I'm smart is available in my Etsy store.


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