Art and Craft

The pieces in this picture are all one of a kind. They are also mass-produced. It's possible to be both...

I create unique pieces of art for people. I want them to be special, cherished by my clients. I also want them to be affordable, so I try to create pieces that someone at a street fair with just a few bucks in their pocket can pick up, take home and say "Wow, this is cool!".

I can do that by using a set of molds I've developed. I press polymer clay into the mold and when I pull it out, I go to work on it. Stretching, molding, customizing. I shave a bit here, build up a bit there.
I use little wax carving tools on the clay and give each piece its own character...
like this...

This Tiny Sun necklace is available in my Etsy Store.


  1. as a happy owner of several "green men" I can attest to how individual they are. I especially like the big eyebrows and droopy moustache on one of them!


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