Worst Vacation Ever

Sometimes, I just go totally stream of consciousness at my workbench and I come up with things like this... My friend Carolyn had set me to work that week, trying to come up with things that were pink (you'll see them eventually). I blended up some hot pink clay, broke out my box of pre-broke jewelry and off i went. Did a dozen random designs around the color pink. The next day, i did purple, the day after,red, and finally blue!

So I blended the clay, then went to my pile o'stuff and found that thing on top of her head. It started life as a really inexpensive dangly earring. I had cut off the dangles and turned them into eyes (I'll post that eventually as well) and was left with that strange four circle prismy thing. When I turned it sideways , it looked sort of like a Mickey Mouse hat and then i could see the rest of the face... a parent who had spent too many hours wandering around somebody else's idea of a magic kingdom.

This piece is available in my Etsy store.


  1. I'm famous! Wow! Hehehe... I'm enjoying this piece-a-day thing, but it might bankrupt me at some point! xxooxxoo

  2. I'll try not to overwhelm you with opportunities here. I'm looking back while looking forward. Like tonight's piece...


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