Oh, My Goddess!

Here's an oldie but goodie... Oh, My Goddess, a moon sculpture I did a few years back, built on a silver platter I found at Value Village (my favorite art supply store).

She's about 14 inches across and just as vibrant as she looks here. I literally stumbled into doing this and I'm glad I took the chance in combining these materials.

The rays are made by inverting martini picks and imbedding them in the clay. They catch the light as if they were made of glass.

The photography is by my friend, the great Hap Sakwa.
You can check out his work here.


  1. I just finished going through all of your posts on the creations of your work.From the movie Into the Wild, "happiness is not real unless shared" Thank you for sharing this part of you. It makes others insanity OK, like my own writing about life as it shows up in the moment gifting us beautiful insights and treasures if we are aware enough to be paying attention.
    You are!
    I love this piece speaker of the 12th house...
    A Gemini Moon...rpskywalker...Cheryl in di skies
    without the diamonds!


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