Here we go...

So I realized a couple of things this week. One was that I had been doing this a long time. Along with that, I realized that I've done literally thousands of pieces of wearable art and other sculptures over the years. And once they're out of my hands, I don't really think about them again.Part of that is just the nature of my work... I'm always looking for the next thing to turn upside down and use the wrong way.

Truth be told, I think a big part of it is that I tend to barrel through life and not look back. Am I afraid that somebody is going to bust me for just making it up as I go along? Maybe so.

But as I barrel along, some pretty remarkable things happen. Thia weekend for instance, I did a show and a wonderful woman rolled up on a scooter chair, clutching a postcard that I had printed at least six years ago (I'm sure she hadn't had it THAT long, but I know I haven't handed that card out in a couple of years). She told me how happy she was to find me and proceeded to spend a good 20 minutes poking around my booth until she found the right piece. She left me with the card and a warm, bittersweet feeling that I don't value how special something I made can be to another person.

So, today, I start this project. I'm going to spend a year posting my work, old and new, big and small, sculpture and performance, every day. I'm going to share it, think about it, explain it, tell you a story about it and try and stay in better touch with the folks who show up every now and than and remind me why I do it. Some posts may be longer than others, but I'll do my best to be post regularly.

Today's piece is brand new...

It's called "This Job is Torture". It's built around a broken rhinestone crown brooch I found somewhere. It's the sort of thing I use all the time in my work, so much so that I looked at it and said to myself "Not another insane Queen piece!". So I turned it upside down and suddenly it looked like a medieval executioner's hood. Then I began to wonder what the person wearing it would be like. I imagine, like many people, he's looking to change careers.

This piece is NO LONGER available in my Etsy store... Woo Hoo!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Awesome! I was thinking that perhaps the announcement from last night was leading up to an April Fool's Day gag, but this is even better (I mean, assuming, of course, that this itself isn't an AFDG).

  2. No joke, Andrew. It just took a little while today to get all the pieces in place (and my nerve up) to get started!

  3. If you want some blasts from the past, I could take some photos of all of the sculptures my parents have on the piano (God ... Library Lady Cuts Loose seems so long ago, doesn't it?) and whatever pins my mom has around the next time I'm in Steilacoom.

  4. wow... that would be very cool. a few days ago, I was looking for pictures of myself for my younger sister and I came across work from like 15 years ago. That's the other part of the inspiration for this project... I'm really proud of that stuff and I want to remind myself of all the directions it went in.

  5. The Virgin Mary you made for my dad is still a sight to behold.

  6. Oh yes... get a shot of her! post it on the "From The Mind Of..." page.I'll link back and forth.


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