And there was much rejoicing!

I had another piece planned for today as well... but life happens. Today I was up at the crack of hell so that I could flyer a neighborhood on the far side of the Hill in my Quest for Betty. To make a long story short, yesterday I dropped into my favorite Seattle Lesbian Karaoke bar, the Wild Rose, to post a flyer, since so many folks there know Brenda and Betty. The Bartender was wonderful , helpful and caring. And I met a pet psychic at the bar. I'm so tired now, I can't be sure of her name (but her sister's name is Babs). I think it was Sam... I'll check. She put her hand over the picture of Betty and said "You're right, she was taken, by a boy. But she got away, now she's with a woman over on the far side of Capitol Hill and she's been injured... on the right side of her face."... When you're alone in the dark and someone strikes a match, you might as well use the light. I ran out, posted my last two flyers of the day over on the other side of the Hill, went home, printed a buttload more and got up to plaster that neighborhood this morning.

Well ... two out of three ain't bad.

We got her back.

Somebody saw a flyer and pointed us to the Shelter on Interbay. Sarah went there at noon, but the dog they showed her wasn't Betty. We were heartbroken. But I had a funny feeling that something was wrong there and was planning on rechecking with them tomorrow. Turns out I was right. She was there. She got picked up by Animal Control (Yay Dogcatcher!). But she was being such a brat that they had her in isolation when Sarah was there the first time. They showed her a different dog! Later, someone at the shelter (Yay Shelter!) saw a notice about Betty on Craigslist (Yay Craigslist!) and called Sarah (Yay Sarah!). We shot over there at 5:00 and bailed her out.

And, yes, she had been taken, gotten away and been injured on the right side of her face. Thank you pet psychic. I'm going to head over to the Rose and leave you my card... I owe you a drink!

The piece I was going to post tonight was kind of dark and cynical. I think it can wait for another day. Here's something happy instead...
... 'cause that's how a whole lot of people are feeling right now!

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