Doin' The Menage!

So today was one of those days you can't plan for...

Usually, Saturday is my training day. I don't have to teach, I just go to the Dojo and let another teacher put me through the wringer for 4 or 5 hours. For the last couple of months I've been doing a consistent 1o hours of Karate a week along with daily calisthenics and a better diet. I can really see a difference in the shape of my body. Having a night job where I dash several miles carring 20 lb. stacks of plates probably doesn't hurt either. But today the plan went out the window for a good cause.

My producer Kris called and asked If I'd like to go on a radio show and promote our musical "Meet The Biscottis" (yeah, it used to be called something else, welcome to lawsuit land!).

The radio program "The Menage" is a local broadcast on KKNW 1150AM out of Bellevue, WA. It streams live on the web at Saturdays from noon to 3pm. Webcam included! It's a trio of very funny people, Julie Mains, Jennifer Austin and Duane Goade, sitting around the microphone, riffing on the news of the day, doing interviews with folks like Lily Tomlin, and generally making the world a funnier place for three hours.

When Kris called to ask me to show up as Agent Skip Wesson and take over the Broadcast and arrest the hosts in order to promote the Biscotti show, well... let's just say the dojo didn't have me to kick around today.

Busting in to a room full of funny people and taking over the show is a little intimidating. I have to thank the "Menage" for making a place for me and laughing at all my jokes. Also, thanks to Kris and Kori for dressing up in character and walking the Bellevue Arts Museum Fair handing out flyers for the show until we all got busted and thrown out...

An Actor's life for me...

"Meet The Biscottis" is playing at The Parlor Live Comedy Club on August 9th. Doors open at 5pm. go to and enter the code "biscotti" for ten bucks off the ticket price!


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